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I can't put my finger on exactly why this is so great.
What Europeans think of each other:
If ethanol not being worth the hype wasn't bad enough, a study finds Ethanol is 2x worse than gasoline on our atmosphere.  (Of course, you've got to start somewhere.)
Interesting op ed on copyright law, and where it could head.  Not just "it's bad", but "here's how it could be better" - commercial vs cultural use.
3 Neat things, via

Altered Mario World time-merge:

Simple flash game, Spin the Black Circle:

Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue .com:
I have every confidence that regular readers are already as manly as humanly possible.

The British College of Optometrists presents a gallery describing the history and development of spectacles:
Consider the number of cultural elements brought together to create this:

My heart kind of skipped a beat at 2:11. How can I make neat things like this?
Holy Mother of Profanity. . .

"The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World"

I'm never going outside again.
Bringing a computer-controlled industrial robot into the desert to fling destruction from a distance:

Build a better trebuchet, and the world will. . . probably give you a call the next time they need to defeat the Saxons.
OpenID suddenly fell into wide support.  Yesterday, Yahoo! and Flickr; today, Blogger.  (Now what?)
I used to know people who were very into historical (and detailed) board games. 

Having said that, the only thing I can say about this is "HOLY MOTHER OF CATS!"

Playing time with 10 players is listed at 1200 hours.

That's for 2 teams, 5 people per team.  I understand that, in terms of the game, Italian troops require an extra unit of water per turn, because they subsisted largely on pasta. Even I am not this nerdy.
The Astrological Magazine is ceasing publication, due to "unforeseen circumstances."
Using carbon nanotubes, scientists have developed a material darker than any other.

How much more black could this new material be? And the answer is none. None more black.
Messenger approaches Mercury
"Sun buys MySQL for one billion dollars"
(MySQL is the open source database engine behind
Fixing various Safari-on-iPhone annoyances, using bookmarklets.  (Oddly, the biggest hurdle is getting them onto your iPhone/iPodtouch.)
Hasbro is suing Scrabulous, for being too Scrabble(tm)-like.
I finally wrote down my experience of using an rss reader for the first time.  As big as the internet is, I can't find a single web page that explains (very well, at all) why someone should use rss (not that mine qualifies).  If anyone knows of others, I'd like to hear about them.  I'll link out to them.
Time to say your final goodbyes to Netscape Navigator.
Because I am in Idaho right now, and because the new year is almost upon us, it is my duty to alert you:

2008 is the International Year of the Potato
Some icons I recently made for an open source bulletin board project still in conception...
Since my earlier music site idea, I've been furiously building a new music recommendation site (with the help of certain readers).  It's about feature-complete, and I now recommend that you all use it.    IMHO, it's fantastically useful.
Google street view for Minneapolis & St. Paul.  (Haven't tried 'em much yet.)  Whatever you do, don't post your favorite landmarks in the comments!
Never look directly into the Mandelbrot set!
We have baseball history fans in the audience?  Here's a perplexing document from 1898.  (via Eric)
Friends, I had an idea (rather technical) about listening to music.  This time, I wrote it down.
True words, about music.  (I'm nearly in love with this blog.  Is it in a league of its own, or am I just oblivious to music blogging in the modern day?)
Quinoa is possibly the most theoretically ideal food.  Perhaps that's why it's the first ingredient in The Ultimate Meal.
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