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I've wanted to make a site like this for years - a personal reminder when artists I indicate produce an album.  Someone finally beat me to it.  And it appears it couldn't be simpler.
Inkscape 0.47 is out.  Comes with about a million new features:
Super cool isolated tracks from Beatles recordings, on a recent BBC radio program.
Really good hands-on overview of "Google Wave" and what it's all about.  Starts getting me excited to try it.
IBC, Hires, A&W, and Stewart's Root Beer. Nantucket Nectars and Snapple. Orangina, Sunkist, Crush, and Squirt. Also, Clamato.

What company owns all of these brands?

Why, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, of course!
The latest result of my sound visualization project.  Run on pronunciation examples from a learn-english web site.  This sound sample has turned out to be a useful benchmark for testing, and it shows off the range of colors nicely too.
Apparently, Minnesota has a state-wide service where you can, at any time, get online real-time research help from a librarian.

This is maybe the coolest governmental service I've ever heard of.
Seventeen percent said that they made a mistake when they did so—understandable—but another 13 percent said they simply had no idea why they did it; they just did. Another six percent "wanted to see what would happen."
Today I found myself wondering about opposite sides of the earth, and remembered this little Google maps mashup.

Then I wondered how much of earth's land had land also on its opposite side.  Little did I know, the whole problem (and answer) can be expressed in a single, simple picture.
Fox News, as described by their captions:
World Weekly News: My mom had a standing order to get it from the grocery store.

But then I took "So I Married an Axe Murderer" as canon.

Now latter generations need to decide: Truth? or Awesome?
It's guest writer week at Dino Comics.

I liked this one from last year,

but this one just blows my mind.
This article has a remarkable headline:

I hope it is the first of a string of headlines with the form "[Government Official] Eats the Heart of [Thing Being Killed] to Support [Those Who Kill Them]."
Drawing of Mt. Fuji from our trip a few weekends ago.
Some reasonable sounding music subscription streaming service returns to the market, since Yahoo Music Unlimited's tragic demise.  That, and it's not conducted by devil's spawn.  (Best Buy acquiring Napster is also news to me.)

Readers who know more than me - is the comparison to and pandora a fair comparison here?  I want thoughts on this.  (Also, I haven't seen if this works from Japan yet, but that's just temporary anyway.)
Dracula blog.  Neat.
One of the five axioms of Art History, shattered.
As some of you know, I grew up in a house with a herding dog - from the day be brought her home, she tried to herd the cats, and she'd frequently direct our childhood friends into the basement.  At soccer games, she'd occasionally try to herd the linesmen on to the field where the rest of the flock was.

This is for you, Mabel:

(via my sister)
My latest Adventure with Customer Service
So, for the last 2 days at work I have listened to nothing but the podcast from .  And it's done something like hit a reset switch for my sense of humor.  My emails have gotten funnier. I laugh more. People stop by my desk and tell me that my latest mistake caused the housing crisis to escalate to the point where my church has become a roaming tent-like tabernacle, and I just can't stop giggling.  This podcast is 3 guys telling anecdotes and lies to each other. Give them 30 minutes.
Let's rock the F*** out.

I just bought 5 albums of mp3s last week.  That's 5 more than I bought in 2008.
I just learned two things about comets.
Random word generator.  No bells or whistles.
One man's quest, for the source of his grandmother's cookie recipe:
The US demographic that gets the most laptop-in-front-of-tv time:  30-something moms.  Watch out, moms.

I've been reading a book called "Outliers", and now when I see things like the above, I now wonder what preceding sociological phenomena brought them about. (Like, someone will realize the seed was planted when they all started playing with Strawberry Shortcake.)
Foley artists for silent films describe their art:

(Give it a minute, it's just about perfect.)
Pretty Matian sunset.  (hi-res, too.)
Perhaps the last news we'll hear from the Jammie Thomas file sharing case.  (RIAA appeal refused.)
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