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For some reason, The Corpus of American Soap Operas is a database available on the internet.

(I recommend looking at the "see lists" links in the Introduction section.)

OK, so this is great.
It's time for the non-planets.
From here on out, the best pictures ever, of Pluto!
LightSail unfurls in space, and sends back a picture.  Awesome!

And falling down robots!
Starting to unravel the mysteries of Pluto's moons...
Cool image (at the bottom) of various solar system bodies showing relative lightness of their surfaces.
At long last - what was old is new again.
Then she farted around a bit and... died of the plague.
I joke to colleagues that JavaScript is the one true programming language, of the present and future.  I typically get reactions of horror, but people are starting to catch on.
Fascinating on so many levels.
The Software Developer's Sketchbook

But, what do you name your folder that you fill with python scripts?
Space is hard.  Baby steps!
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