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Folks, I think we have found art.
(Thanks Chris.)
Some insightful editorials about why Wave didn't work.
Let's take a cue from Brazil:
Math, why do you have to be such a jerk?
It's been too long since I last published a drawing.  So today I'm releasing an unfinished one I started earlier this year.  Sagami River.
A strange, strange man has been showing up on morning shows throughout the Midwest, claiming to be a yo-yo trick champion. He is not. He is actually terrible at yo-yo. Yet he keeps getting on the air.

This guy is my new favorite media prankster.
Not surprising at all, and uncertain if this should trouble me.

Maybe the question of the day is, "is this dependence bad?"  I'm sure there would be similar symptoms if everyone had to give up, say, cars.  Is this different?
The Library on Congress is going to archive every Tweet ever.  This is going to be embarrassing for all of us.
An idea (that turned into a website) I've been working on the last couple of years, on sound visualization.

Some kind of explanation is in order, but that will have to come later.  Feel free to look/play around for now.

Update: perhaps a better example:
AUSTIN, Texas-The Harry Ransom Center, a humanities research library and museum at The University of Texas at Austin, has acquired the archive of writer David Foster Wallace (1962-2008), author of "Infinite Jest" (1996), "The Broom of the System" (1987), "Girl with Curious Hair" (1988) and numerous collections of stories and essays.

The archive contains manuscript materials for Wallace's books, stories and essays; research materials; Wallace's college and graduate school writings; juvenilia, including poems, stories and letters; teaching materials and books.

Man, there's a guy who should have stuck around.
A new version of FileZilla (cross-platform FTP client) just came out, which includes my latest theme.  (It's not the default, but it's selectable under Settings > Interface > Themes.)

Here's a presentation, of sorts, I made on the theme.
Artist Caleb Larsen has created a device: A black cube, 8x8x8", with an ethernet jack. Upon connection to the internet, the cube checks to see whether it is for sale on Ebay. If not, it re-lists itself. The sale conditions mandate that the new buyer will keep the cube connected to the internet, and will sell it to the highest bidder whenever the auction ends. In the event of a sale, the artist gets 15% of the purchase price. The title of the artwork: "A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter".

The artist's page on the project:

The cube's re-direct to its own auction page:
A comic written by a 5-year-old and drawn by a 29-year-old. Axe-Cop is my favorite new thing of all time.
The human predicament, summarized in 26x3 "auto generated" google searches:

Though a lot of the letters sum it up all by themselves:
how to get pregnant
how to get a girl to like you
how to get rid of fruit flies
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