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Consider this creepy ad campaign:
These people put various things in a blender.  If that's not compelling, I don't know what is.

(Yeah, I know they're just doing this to sell their blenders.  If there's a better way to sell blenders, I don't know what that is, either.)
The 50 Worst Video Game Names of all time.  While that doesn't necessarily mean they're the worst games of all time, it's certainly hard to get excited about trying out "Rosco McQueen - Firefighter Extreme"
This is a relief.  Microsoft just took some of the idiocy out of its Windows Vista license, just before its release.
Good article (with some 1st hand experiences) explaining how you don't need a Gov't ID to get airline boarding passes.
Elephants have self-recognition too.  Welcome to the club.
Some UK Copyright reform proposed by a think tank.  This article eloquently describes some of the consumer-rights sentiment that I think is gaining some cultural momentum.
The, case, of, the, million, dollar, comma
Grammar apparently matters in Canadian courts.
Write your own GW speech, with this easy speech writing tool, the George W Bush Speechwriter.
Much to the consternation of a British colleague, the US uses a slightly different standard paper size (8.5x11) than the rest of the world (A4).  How did this happen?

Obviously, the answer begins in 17th-Century Holland:
Step-by-step Rubik's Cube solver.  Never have a messed up Rubik's Cube again.  (Of course, without having to cheat by taking it apart.)
Sat image of Greenland ice looks like a head.
Weird Al Yankovic has been doing his thing for 25 years.

The soundtrack of my childhood is mostly Weird Al parodies.
Pictures of people transporting large loads of cargo on small vehicles:
Photographs of unrelated people who look very much like each other.  Kind of astounding:
Neato video from Dove demonstrating a glamour shoot production process.
(originating links contained within)
UK's The Register gives us Americans something new to fight about.  It's funny because it's plausible.
A scary, fascinating, current, and detailed map of disasters around the world:
Apparently the lack of safe drinking water situation worldwide is improving according to a UN goal of 89% access by 2015.  Something's working.
The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention:
Apparently, Brahms was my kind of guy:
Once a singer asked which of his songs he might recommend. With straight face, he advised her to try his posthumous ones. "And which?" she asked politely.
This article indicates that the field of physics is currently trying to make new data fit existing models in somewhat arbitrary ways--this would indicate an imminent paradigm shift a la Thomas Kuhn.
It is not that the landscape model is necessarily wrong, but rather that if a huge number of universes with different properties are possible and equally probable, the landscape can make no real contribution other than a philosophic one. That is metaphysics, not physics.
Also, it's interesting to consider an infinite number of universes, all with different properties--consider doing the same expiriment when vastly different natural laws apply.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter caputres picture of Mars rover from above:
Many pictures of yawning bunnies:
Google code search has at least one use: finding out that programmers of php swear more than other programers.
"In Tune with Fun" is an old scanned comic book about the joys of playing the accordion.
Maps of War is mostly useful for the first map, a 90-second flash-animated map showing who happened to be in control of the Middle East at any time, starting in 3000 BC.
Consider the availability of this product:
If you build a better Hic-Cup, the world will beat a path to your door:
Little People - A tiny street art project
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