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Creative Commons licenses allow you to specify how you want to be credited, but practically no one does.
Announcing my 6th vector drawing of the year: "Grapefruit".  And with it, I think I have enough to justify compiling all of them into one page.  (I'll continue announcing new images here, though.)
Boy makes add-on to software; boy wins award from software company; boy gets cease and desist letter for add-on.
Status report on two space projects: New Horizons has sent all its data from its recent Jupiter fly-by (mission accomplished); and scientists are still interpreting the data we got from the Huygens probe that landed on Titan 2 1/2 years ago.
James, my roommate, has a weblog documenting his Master's thesis (Architecture) in Biloxi, Mississippi.

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His thesis involved the use of 40' shipping containers as the basis for utilitarian structures:
The building block for the conceptual basis of the thesis, it has been called many things in the history since its inception. At its most basic, it is 20’ or 40’ x 8.5’ x 8’ and comprised of aluminum or steel usually containing a wooden decking. At its most detailed it is the single most responsible reason for the global economy as we know it today.

The question that this thesis will continue to pose is “what else can it be”? This includes the re-engineering of the shipping container to include a possible second life of housing or infrastructure. The next question that gets asked is “why a shipping container”? Perhaps a better question is “why not a shipping container?” but I wanted to investigate why someone would view something of a more traditional character in a more positive light.

What can you do with a pre-manufactured house that you can’t do with a shipping container?

If you see James around, give him a high-five.  He's a remarkable guy, with a remarkable vision.
Funny story of how the 2nd HD-DVD decryption key was leaked.
Radical web application framework by Google announced.  Pretty technical, but this could be the foundation of future mainstream stuff.
Hidden, Google face search:

iTunes embeds user name in your downloaded files:
National flags as pie-charts of their component colors:
Heinz realizes the big problem with free, user generated content.
Dell is now offering Ubuntu Linux on some systems.  Apparently (but not easily apparently), it does knock some off the price compared to a comparable windows system.  (about $50.)
"The mystery of the daytime idle"  Who are all those people out in the city all day?
Mark Shuttleworth (founder of Ubuntu Linux) on the future of software patents.
Start getting excited now for the live action Transformers movie.  (This new trailer thrills me to no end.)
You'll probably want to have your inkjet printer cartridges refilled by Cisterian monks:
A little background of what's going on with the Google home page.
Bad trends in congressional hairstyles:
Stunning origami, complete with diagrams of the crease patterns:
Dark matter not really observed, but computed and visualized so we can observe it.
Rodney Smith:  B/W photography.  Awesome.
The Canadian Cheese Encyclopedia:
Pictures of knock-off Chinese brands:
Another svg drawing I've been working on.  I think it's ready for public viewing.

Teal Square:
Hubble's successor announced:

"Clearly we need a much bigger telescope to go back much further in time to see the very birth of the Universe," said Edward Weiler, director of Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Works for me.  Image at bottom - this is one of the more odd looking things we've planned on sending into space.
Prospective site Encyclopedia of Life to catalog every known species.
Chipmark: not quite a protopage replacement, but on the right track.  Allows quick, unobtrusive bookmark sharing; it's open source, and made at the University of Minnesota.
The internet is optimized to be the perfect medium for displaying and distributing pictures of astonishingly gross food.
Cool visualization of music artist popularity over time (bottom, wiggly histogram).
San Diego Zoo got pandas to mate, through careful environment planning.  (Pandas are apparently finicky about zoo life.)
If you started going in a given direction (great circle) around the earth from where you are, what places would you cross?  Here's a Google maps mash-up tool to find out.
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