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Quality segment on Midmorning, on attention, distraction, and the science thereof.  (I heard most of this in the car the other day, and was really fascinated.)
Good synopsis of Phoenix Lander's achievements so far on Mars.
I am suddenly terrified.

That an act with millions of fans could escape the popular attention is more evidence of the digital fissuring of our culture. As we ensconce ourselves ever further in our respective demographics, personal and professional, we continue to drift apart from the people right next to us, until even an iceberg holding 4 million tweens can float by unnoticed.
U.S. Citizens are being trained in the fine art of terrorist-detection. Please refrain from doing anything suspicious.
Taking photos or videos can be deemed suspicious because "surveillance is a precursor to terrorist activity," said Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Steve Garcia

Because, as everyone knows, observation is a precursor to destruction. For the sake of National Security, please do not look at anything. And if you need to take a picture, for the love of God, make sure the lens cap is on.
Neat visualization of US gov't land ownership.  (Though it's odd to lump "military testing grounds" and "national parks" into one categry.)
Businessbib: Because wearing actual clothes is just so much freaking work, sometimes.
Proponents of teaching Intelligent Design in schools often rally behind the phrase, "Teach the Controversy."

Here are a bunch of t-shirts which propose alternate contoversies which could also be taught:
A weblog dedicated to the retractions issued by media outlets:
On a trip to the UK.  I thought this updated Google favicon was Google's "Europe look".  Not so.  It's all over.  Bold.
Another lander just landed successfully on Mars yesterday.
~ location:
What happens when the company RockDirect goes on the chopping block? 

Awesome, awesome legal notices:
The failure of Rock is partly attributed to the cash flow difficulties faced as a result of stock misappropriation by a former employee. This led to suppliers reducing credit limits, further adversely impacting upon cash flows.
Kermit the Frog covers sad songs:
Nice spin on a UMG lawsuit against a guy who buys & sells "promo use only" CDs.
Photos of a guy's hands as other things.  Kind of super-awesome.
How to Speak Hip: an instructional interview with an actual Hipster.  A digital transfer from the original record.
"I understand there have been, from time to time, certain isolated cases of the usage of narcotics on the Hip scene."
"No, man, that's just an ugly rumor, you know?"

"It is uncool to wear shades after sunset, unless, you know, you SHOULD be wearing shades after sunset, in which case it is uncool to take them off."
The earliest known sound recording, 1860.  (You can listen, in the left column.)
Neat delving-into-details on the intricate relationship between people and computers (disguised as a window manager review).
Well.  It turns out I've been to the country with the lowest life expectancy, Swaziland, at 31.2 years.  If I was from there, I'd have about a 50/50 chance of being around right now.

Below, you'll find links to lots & lots of data.  It makes you register after a bit, but perhaps it's worth it?
Home-brew renditions of Mario music may never get old.  (Via link at end of video, from Peter's recent snip.)
"Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW Mp3s"
My favorite bit of graffiti has a dedicated website:
The American Emu Association:
Nice set of Dino comics - T-rex's Nazi conundrum:
Various philosophers as action figures.  Kind of wish I had thought of this.
Finally releasing my first SVG drawing of 2008.  With new life circumstances, I've revised my goal of 12 SVG drawings for the year down to 6.  (Still seems ambitious to me.  I'm already behind.)
Snapshots of, of years past.  One of those early web sites that captured my imagination; and in a small way inspired, if my memory serves me.  "" could have been "", if it wasn't randomly selected to be someone else's.
When Garfield the cat is removed from Garfield comic strips:

Possibly my favorite:
Neat map of social networking sites' popularity around the world.  (They differ wildly from continent to continent.),47...
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