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DVD [dash] R, DVD+R explained, and analyzed for archiving.
Likes: Computers.  The Internet.  Elves.  20-sided Dice. 

Dislikes: Sucka MCs.

+1 Website of Documentary.
Illuminating iTunes buying habits, DRM, and the blanket license (monthly fee, unlimited downloads - possibly the future of music collecting).
Ed's Health and Safety:
Ed says that Health and Safety is important but ignores it himself. He uses a variety of machines and equipment and thinks he will never have an accident or cause an accident to other people.


Make sure you look at "How Ed the Handyman uses a Hammer" and "Ed the Handyman - poor behaviour in the workshop.".  I'm feeling safer already.
Philosophical interview with the designer of C++.

"Wikipedia as a means of learning religious concepts", by yours truly.  (This might be my first blog post ever, depending on your definition.)
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been busy taking pictures of abandoned Mars landers from the past.

Oh, and it might have found evidence of liquid water on the Mars' surface.
Supreme Court apparently isn't satisfied with current tests for patent obviousness.

"Who do you get to be an expert to tell you something's not obvious?" Roberts asked aloud. "I mean, the least insightful person you can find?"

Also, "Using Trademark to Stymie Interoperability?":
Calculate the value of pi by throwing frozen hot dogs across the room:
Old New York was once New Amsterdam.  These people want to revert:
A neat discussion of symmetry in living things:
The complexity of carbon chemistry means that there are many molecules that have a mirror image counterpart that is essentially different, that is, the two cannot be rotated into one another. They are in one sense chemically the same, but living things can tell the difference. The difference in the smell of oranges and lemons is caused by right and left forms of limonene. In many cases, such as with amino acids, only one stereoisomer of the pair is found in living things.
Cool close-up of Saturn's clouds
Completely ridiculous real-life use of the DMCA.  (Cannot copy paid-for DVDs to portable players, etc.)
If you give these people some money and a brief message, they will write that message on a piece of toast with a marker.

Yay, Internet!
We've become a surveillance society without even knowing it?
Consider, if you will, the new Radio in our Internal Links section.  The songs on the playlist are a subset of those from which our infrequently-rotating lyric-headers are drawn.  For now the list is in alphabetical order, because I am a constant slave to default settings. 

The player requires Flash, but it has some basic and useful right-click functionality. 

Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.
Happy Protopage day!  (version 3 just released)
Some exemptions granted to the DMCA for 3 years.
Cool Japanese public service ad.
Podcast popularity is about where I thought it was.
It's too late to dress up for Halloween, but it's never too late to be totally rocking.

Rockstar wigs for sale!
A map of every stuffed polar bear in the UK:
Comics based on spam email subject lines.  Despite the generally obscene nature of such emails, these cartoons are wonderfully PG-rated.

Particular favorites:
Revealing, if somewhat arbitrary, map of US states Green House Gas emission compared to other top emitting countries.
Mars Global Surveyor (in orbit around Mars) hasn't communicated back to NASA in over a week.

Recent image from MGS:

While we're at it, Cassini returned this nice image of Saturn and its inner rings.
What happens when the magician David Copperfield gets mugged?

Obviously, he makes his valuables disappear, and the crooks get nothing.
Apple is changing their ad campaign.  I hadn't really thought of this unintentional effect of their ads.  It's funny, though, when I see it spelled out.  (1st paragraph)
Here's a list of wombats in Japan:

Why Japan?  Why wombats?  This is the mystery of the internet.
A comprehensive introduction to the orchestra:
George W. Bush's sleeves, like my own, are generally rolled up.

It's because we're both working very, very hard.
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