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Neato picture of moonset and Earth weather, seen from ISS.
Kevin Federline would like to help you search the internet.  Furthermore, if you use this site to search for things, you might win valuable K-Fed merchandise.

(For bonus points, win tickets to his birthday party after searching for "Brittney Spears."
Many, many people draw a sheep.  Click on one, and you can watch how they drew it.

(Thanks, Andrew)
Instrument on Mars Express, ESA orbiter orbiting since 2003, maps enough water (as ice) on the south pole to have covered the whole planet 11 meters deep.  That is a lot of ice.
Google is addressing some privacy concerns (about things being known about you by your searches), but there are still some qualifications.  They still will store the last 2 years of info, and even longer if they're required by law.
On the nature of really really big numbers:
"The Inverse Power of Praise." - Surprising and enlightening studies on Failure, Success, Praise, and Reward.
"Supreme Court Debates Patentability of Software"

Immediately, Justice Steven Breyer interrupted. All this discussion implies that the Supreme Court believes software is patentable. But the Court has never actually ruled this on its own, Justice Breyer realized. "I take it that we are operating under the assumption that software is patentable? We have never held that in this Court, have we?" he asked."

No, answered Joseffer. "So what should we do here?" Breyer continued. "Since it's never been held that it's patentable in this Court, if I were writing something, should I say 'on the assumption that it's patentable?' Since the issue isn't raised?"
In the future, Brian will wield this mighty weapon:

If you don't already fear him, now would be a good time to start.
Windows for Warships Nears Frontline Service
"The real blue screen of death"

(linked mostly because of the headline)

Also, Deep Purple album (re-)released, Deep Purple say "Don't buy", album recalled.  Let that be a lesson to you all.
Current landscape of audio file formats, (mp3, ogg, wma, acc) with some meditation on the future, instigated by a Microsoft/mp3 lawsuit outcome.
Find your closest Fallout Shelter:
Three-letter airport codes demystified:

Kind of weirdly fascinating.
The cutest flash game you'll ever play.
Next time you see this symbol, remember, it means Get the Heck Out of Here.
Startlingly futuristic bionic eye will be tested (in people's eyes) in the next 2 years, and possibly commercialized soon after.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Here's a nerdy how-to for love, complete with electrical diagrams:

Smart Guys Date in Parallel.
Mid-century print advertisements:

Notice their gallery of the unsettlingly happy:
The Museum of Food Anomolies:
Methods for destroying the Earth:
An accessible story about Tor, from a university professor.  (I would try to explain what Tor is here, but I would just start spouting out technical jargon - something this story does not do.)
Crazy indescribable clothes mosaic "explorer".  Click "Uniqlo Explorer", and then click around to your pleasure.
Wikipedia is for the weak.  Uncyclopedia is for the strong.  Case in point, their entry for AAAA:
In accordance with my new year's resolution, I made more art in the form of a vector image, specifically of a blue travel mug.  I present it here.
Pat Boone regurgitates previous complaints against Darwin:
Technical mumbo jumbo at this point, but this looks like the beginning of Microsoft support for OpenID.  We'll have to wait to see what eventually becomes of this, but the future looks bright.
Now on BBC:

(OpenID solves the problem exaggerated here:) [note: references OpenID, before the above announcement]
Just-feels-right theory about how the brain tells time.
What the search engine (google) of the future will do for us, from an AI perspective, thought out to logical conclusions 3 times over.  Search Engine 3001.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snaps pic of Jupiter from Mars orbit.

Also, Opportunity captures nice animation of Martian clouds.
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