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Two things:
First, it's Election Day.  Go vote for local offices.  The mayor of Minneapolis left me a voice mail saying he's counting on my vote.  Have you cast your ballot yet?

Second, bad national news.
First paragraph:
PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - The U.S. government is aggressively taking action to protect Americans from terrorism but "we do not torture," President Bush said on Monday, responding to criticism of reported secret CIA prisons and the handling of terrorism suspects.

Subsequent paragraph:
Vice President Dick Cheney has been spearheading an effort on Capitol Hill to have the CIA exempt from an amendment by Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain that would ban torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners.

The exemption would cover the secret prisons that the Post said were located in several eastern European democracies and other countries where key al Qaeda captives are being kept.

As I've previously noted, this administration has already stated that Bush's election gave them a mandate to torture prisoners.  I can't remember a politician ever lying more obviously, especially over something as egregious as this.

Someone, tell me what I can do to help stop this.
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