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So, maybe everyone already knows something about this, while I just wrote it off as another farfetched Luddite scare.

Strangelets are formed entirely of strange quarks.  They occasionally zip around through space, and apparently, through the Earth.  Unlike neutrinos and other weird particles that fly through planets, strangelets have a noticable effect.  They cause earthquakes.  They're the size of pollen-specks, weigh several tons, and travel at 900,000 mph.  You don't want one to hit you on the head.

What's more, they can theoretically be created in certain particle accelerators, and if that happens, there's a finite chance that they would grow and swallow the planet.  This guy wants you to take legal action against the physicists responsible:
Question: If a neutral or negatively charged metastable strangelet (NNCMS) is created, what are the odds that it will cause the destruction of the earth?

Answer: Almost certain.
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