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Admittedly, sometimes random e-mails that I didn't ask to receive actually contain useful information.  Here's an excerpt from something I got today.  I've only heard of two of these cartoonists, but the rest, by virtue of being in a list with the two, are probably worth checking out.  (Some hunting will be necessary, as these are all probably pretty obscure.)

The first-ever collection of its kind, Bright Red Rocket brings you "God Hates Cartoons," a DVD of
delightful animations from stars of the alternative comic scene!  An entire disc of hilarious fun, "God
Hates Cartoons" features over 20 cartoons, artists' galleries, comics and secret surprises.

The stellar lineup includes:

- Jim Woodring (Frank, The Book of Jim, Trosper)
- Tony Millionaire (Maakies, Sock Monkey)
- Kaz (Underworld)
- Sam Henderson (The Magic Whistle, Humor Can Be Funny)
- Ivan Brunetti (Schizo, Haw!)
- Mark Newgarden (Garbage Pail Kids, B. Happy)
- Walt Holcombe (Poot, King of Persia)
- Tim Maloney (Underwear Girl)
- Lance Myers
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