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I've been following the progress of the in-developemnent operating system, Lindows OS.  It's "open source," and the open source community is all in a hoop-la about everything Lindows does, because I guess on some level they're not playing by the rules.  On the other hand, Michael Robertson (Lindows CEO) & crew it seems is dumping loads of money into furthering current open source code -- most interestingly and inspiringly, WINE.  Here's everything current I can find on it.

Some more thoughts:
1. This whole click-and-run service seems very silly to me so far.  But this happens to be a key feature in Lindows' business model.
2. I am totally undecided about signing up for the sneak previews at this point.  I think I'm not clear enough on the situation, as a lot of this is new to me.
3. I would need an OS such as this to be able to run in order of importance: Mozilla/Netscape, The Bat! e-mail client, EditPlus, Photoshop, and (unfortunately and leastly) MS FrontPage.  Realistically, I could not make the switch without these.
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