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Bhutan is about to embrace democracy, by orders of the current king. And they're having practice elections beforehand, with fake political parties. I love Bhutan.
Elections, he said, have been embraced, albeit reluctantly, by the citizenry, because this is what the king wanted.
He sat on the patio of a bar, cupping his beer can in a napkin, because this was Friday and alcohol sales were prohibited on the day before the election. "It's a big compliment to the king that no one's very enthusiastic."

Another patron in the bar, Kesang Dorji, 36, said he was puzzled by the royal order to vote, but intended to obey.

"We have to stand fast to the wisdom of our monarch," Dorji said. "He knows what's best for us. Any normal person would think, 'Why this, when everything is okay?"'
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