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About is an evolving collaboration by Brian and Peter, begun in 2002.

Then she farted around a bit and... died of the plague.
I joke to colleagues that JavaScript is the one true programming language, of the present and future.  I typically get reactions of horror, but people are starting to catch on.
Fascinating on so many levels.
The Software Developer's Sketchbook

But, what do you name your folder that you fill with python scripts?
Space is hard.  Baby steps!
It's Pictures From a Comet time.
Don't know why, but I'm kind of excited about this "phone".
Inspirational, for the skeptical developer in me.
The Universal Typeface Experiment is a project to create a typeface based on an average of handwritten samples. You can contribute!

Furthermore, you can see examples and averages split by gender, country, handedness, and industry.
Not sure why a comic with stick figures suddenly seems like the best medium for conveying this somewhat complex concept.

("Heartbleed" web vulnerability conveyed)
Cartoonists Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics) and David Malki (of Wondermark) each keep "finding" terrible books that the other has written.

World, has released its first phone app.  We give you Date Calculator 3000.

(...for all your date arithmetic needs!)
Are you looking for a font whose glyphs discourage contemplation?

The font you want is Frustro.
Sad Etsy Boyfriends
2 new cautionary tales of online account attacks.  (None of these involve hacking passwords.  I guess they're strong enough now that they're not the low-hanging fruit anymore.)
If I was trapped on an island with just one web site, this would be a contender.
Radio Free Earth "Radio Free Earth finds the #1 song according to the Billboard Charts on a random (or determined) date, measures how long ago that date was, finds a named star that distance away, and then outputs which star that #1 song is just reaching at this moment."

Bad photography, and a dry wit.  (And a descriptive url.)
The new Ultimate Meal.  It sounds great.

It's still very chalky. Not gritty -- there's no feeling of sand or anything, just smooth powder rolling through my mouth. Fortunately, being chilled has drastically improved my perception of how it tastes.


I don't feel particularly energized, but I don't feel particularly un-energized, either.
Yet another site found by asking "I wonder if someone's made a site that does X?".

With this combined with kindle samples, I may never wonder what to read next again.
I don't plan on being a runner, but I find this really inspiring anyway.
Planet Resizer updated with better resize buttons:
Cool time visualization.  Spoiler: we are a spec of time.  Also, the earth existed for a good portion of the existence of the universe?
First, consider this Shaker hymn.

Then, consider this performance by the Voices of East Harlem at Sing Sing Prison .

Google is sunsetting Reader.  To quote my wife, "What are we supposed to do!?"
The most accessible song on the new They Might Be Giants album also has the creepiest lyrics.

(Might they have been shooting for inaccessibility on this one??)
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